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A Boy’s Life at Blue Ridge School

A Boy’s Life at Blue Ridge shows a typical day at our all-boys, all-boarding school. Please share!

We strive to make our campus a home away from home. Students enjoy opportunities for leadership as well as a variety of on and off campus athletic, social and cultural activities. Our faculty live on campus with their children making the campus genuinely feel like a family.

Advisee Cookouts

When I first came to BRS decades ago, I wanted to have cookouts and barbecues with my advisees. I began with a small charcoal heated hibachi on a Wednesday afternoon. I went to the grocery and bought chicken and steaks.

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017

May 27, 2017

Commencement address by Josh Toston, member of the Class of 2017: “During the creative process about thinking of what to say in this speech, many people asked me what my theme was going to be. To tell you the truth I had no idea that this speech was even supposed to have a theme, I was just going to write and see what happened.

However as graduation day neared and I was running out of time to procrastinate, the most accurate phrase popped into my head. My junior year was my last year of high school.” To read Josh’s full address, click here.

To read Mr. Paul Fehlner’s address to the graduates, please click here.

Hear from Boarding School Students

by The Association of Boarding Schools

Hear from Boarding School Parents



by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)


Blue Ridge School Is Family

What does family mean? Is it only those who raised us? Who we are related to? On the other hand, is family the people we are surrounded by each day?

I have thought about those questions a lot the last two years and I want to share with you what family means to me.

Two years ago today I lost my father to cancer, he was the one person that I looked up to the most. Throughout the years I watched him fight his cancer, I saw him continue to put his family first. But my father’s definition of family was not just “those who we are related to” or as Merriam Webster writes “a group of persons of common ancestry.” Continue reading “Blue Ridge School Is Family”