About Built for Boys

Blue Ridge School distinguishes itself as one of the only all-boys, all-boarding schools in the nation. We’ve built it that way for a reason—it’s how boys learn best.

An all-boys environment allows us to tailor our teaching to match the unique pace and tenor of how boys learn best. It also enables the boys to remain focused on academic achievement and the intellectual risks required to build new pathways to personal achievement.

The all-boarding aspect of Blue Ridge School immerses your boy in a supportive, character-based culture in which he can thrive inside and outside the classroom. In addition, it helps build independent life skills and habits critical to his success after graduation.

As a Baron, your boy will become part of a structured, nurturing community where faculty, parents, and fellow students unite to support his success. Best of all, despite our competitive and rigorous environment, there is no preoccupation with pedigree. This added layer of comfort and inclusion makes all the difference when it comes to providing the foundation for a balanced, well-rounded life.