BRS Students Rise Against Hunger

BRS Rise Against Hunger
Volunteers for Rise Against Hunger wear red hair nets to remind them that people suffering from malnutrition lose the pigment in their hair.

On Saturday, January 12, the students of Blue Ridge School gathered to package 10,256 meals for the non-profit organization Rise Against Hunger. For 20 years, Rise Agains Hunger has packaged and distributed millions of nutritious meals to needy communities around the world, particularly in areas suffering from natural and man-made crises. The meals from Blue Ridge School are going to students at a school in Haiti.

Blue Ridge School has worked with Rise Against Hunger for nearly 10 years to package meals for distribution, to educate the students about the state of hunger around the world, and to empower the students to be agents of positive change. Overall, the School has packaged almost 100,000 meals for people in need around the world.  Continue reading “BRS Students Rise Against Hunger”

Tree Triplets on the Blue Ridge School Campus

One needs to look no further than the Blue Ridge School interpretive trail to see a most unusual and fascinating tree – one that has been formed by the combination of three different tree species!

Years ago, the seeds of three very different native species must have landed in the same location.  While it’s impossible now to know exactly how this happened, I can guess that the seeds were blown by the wind, dropped by squirrels or maybe intentionally planted by a BRS boy. The rich soil and abundant sunlight helped the trees grow together and ultimately combine into one tree.

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Making the Most of Your Summer

As we enter a new year, and having just kicked off the month of January, you might be thinking it is too early to begin thinking and planning your summer. However, now is the time that many colleges and organizations start publicizing and sharing opportunities for high school students – such as summer internships, weeklong intensive programs and immersion courses. These opportunities help students become more familiar with a subject, figure out their own strengths and interests, earn college credit, and even experience college firsthand by taking college courses and living on a college campus.

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Blue Ridge School campus

Thoughts and Prayers for the Charlottesville Community

We are shocked and disheartened at the news from Charlottesville, a peaceful university town twenty miles from our campus.

Our prayers go out to the family and friends of those individuals hurt in this unusual event for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Gibson Chapel at BRS: Intro to Iconography

The Gibson Memorial Chapel at Blue Ridge School is one of the many extant structures built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Students and families did much of the construction work. The Chapel contains numerous beautiful stained glass windows.

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