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A Boy’s Life at Blue Ridge School

A Boy’s Life at Blue Ridge shows a typical day at our all-boys, all-boarding school. Please share!

We strive to make our campus a home away from home. Students enjoy opportunities for leadership as well as a variety of on and off campus athletic, social and cultural activities. Our faculty live on campus with their children making the campus genuinely feel like a family.

Advisee Cookouts

When I first came to BRS decades ago, I wanted to have cookouts and barbecues with my advisees. I began with a small charcoal heated hibachi on a Wednesday afternoon. I went to the grocery and bought chicken and steaks.

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Hear from Boarding School Students

by The Association of Boarding Schools

Chock Full of Diversity

Issac King’s (Class of 2013) address to the student body on April 6, 2017.

I came as a student in the fall of 2010 for my sophomore year and had three great years as a Baron. I remember coming for preseason soccer camp, living in Lower West, discovering my roommate was Yongbo Sam Song.

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The Green Challenge

The Green Barons (the School’s Sustainability Committee) and Headmaster Trip Darrin challenged the student body to save energy this year in a number of ways. To encourage the student body to buy into these various challenges, classes such as art and Mandarin made posters about the importance of saving energy. The top prize for this poster contest was $50 plus pizza for the winner’s dorm hall.

In the fall, the boys were asked to save as much energy as possible. In fact, the hall that saved the most would win a pizza party! They were encouraged to turn off lights in their rooms and elsewhere when not in use and keep their rooms at moderate temperatures. They were also encouraged to take shorter showers and purchase LED bulbs for their desk lamps. They were reminded that even small acts such as unplugging chargers when not in use can make a difference. Since there was no clear winner to this challenge, the Headmaster threw out another.

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Opportunities Afforded to Children Growing Up on a Boarding School Campus

Four years ago, Conrad Bruton’s growing family moved into one of the larger homes on campus and he decided he’d like to raise some type of animal in his backyard. Conrad was nine at the time. He decided after doing a little research that chickens would be the most feasible and thus began Conrad’s thriving egg business.

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