Tech in the Classroom

(Published in the Fall 2017 issue of  Independent Teacher)

Like so many teachers, I struggle to cover all of the content I need to get through each year. And nothing derails my lessons faster than a student who has questions about the news or current events. Being a news and political junkie myself, I love these questions, and the conversations they produce are often the most rewarding part of my day. And, being a U.S. History teacher, I find that these conversations happen frequently because so much of the content I cover relates directly to the news that is unfolding across the country and the world every day.
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Affordability: Financial Aid

At Blue Ridge School, we believe that the greatest investment you can make for your son is in his education, and our Admissions Office team stands by to help you consider our admission and financial aid processes. Contact our Senior Director of Admissions Jamie Miller at He will be happy to answer your questions.

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Using Technology in History Class

Having been an educator here at Blue Ridge School for the past sixteen years, Matt Bennett has seen the myriad ways in which technology has revolutionized teaching. As his 10th grade Modern European History class started to study the Age of Exploration, Mr. Bennett wanted to highlight that lesson with a compelling project that combined the lessons of history with the technological innovations of today.

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Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language requires a holistic approach and should be meaningful, engaging and fun. I vary my teaching techniques as not all students learn alike. I believe everyone is capable of learning a foreign language as daunting as that may seem.

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The PSAT: Why you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Most college bound students and their families are familiar with the SAT and understand the importance of being successful on the SAT test. You know the test that is required by most colleges and universities for admissions consideration? The one that students and families stress out about from the very beginning of a student’s high school experience? Don’t worry, this post isn’t about that test.  It’s about another equally important test that many students do not even think to prepare for.

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Condemnation of the Violence in Charlottesville

This weekend’s violence and words of hatred in Charlottesville have profoundly saddened and disturbed the Blue Ridge School community. I write today to condemn the acts of violence, hate and intolerance that we witnessed over the weekend.

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